Hello there and thanks for wandering in! I would love to get to know you and have the opportunity to get you in front of my Nikon. But before that happens, I’ll give you a little background on me… since that’s what made you mosey here.


I was born and raised here in Jacksonville, as were several generations of my family before me. I love this city. I was homeschooled (but don’t hold it against me… I promise not to be awk!), but stayed busy with church, ballet, and sports. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications at Bryan College, situated in the hills just north of Chattanooga.


Shortly after college, I married Phillip, the man of my dreams, in February of 2007. Our wedding was the best day of our lives. Everyone we love gathered together in one place; is there anything more wonderful?! I LOVE weddings. I love wedding cake. I love wedding photos. I cherish every photo from our wedding: my Grandparents ‘winning’ the anniversary dance, silly moments of laughter with my bridesmaids, the detail shots (my Mom, best friend and I spent endless hours preparing those details!), and most of all, the tender, candid glances between Phillip and me when we didn’t know the camera was on us. No matter how many weddings I attend or photograph, I just can’t get enough of them.


We lived in Dallas and Louisville, Kentucky for the first five years of marriage before moving home. My photography hobby turned into a business in 2009 when Phillip helped me discover who I was and where I was gifted. He and I grew up together. We changed jobs a dozen times, moved half a dozen times, traveled the world together, and finally settled back home here in Jacksonville in 2011. We love our simple life together; my perfect little evening is to walk on the beach or over the Ortega Bridge. We love hosting people and feeding them delicious treats while hearing the stories of joy and struggle that shape them. We love people.


After much anticipation, our son, Tripp, was born on February 15th, 2015. We didn’t realize how much a heart could overflow with love and affection before meeting him. And we also didn’t comprehend how swiftly time could pass as we watch our babe grow and change. Our greatest adventure has been parenting Tripp. On the one hand, I can’t wait to watch him develop; on the other, I want to freeze time. I try to capture each of his new “tricks” and the self-satisfied grins that follow each of them. Our photos have become our greatest treasures. It’s amazingly rewarding to provide such treasures for others.


I am so thankful that my work is something I value and love and I thank God continually for this gift! I consider it an immense privilege to learn the stories and capture special moments in the lives of my client-friends. Will you share yours with me?


Love and Light,

Virginia “Ginny” Hobbs